Conveyor Belt

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MP (Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt) DRB's core product STAR-MP, a fabric belt made of EP(Polyester and Nylon) or NN(Nylon and Nylon), has been supplied to the global market for many years. Its top quality fabric materials range from 100KN/m/ply to 2500KN/m/6ply and feature unbeatable excellence in durability, troughability and adhesiveness
Steel Cord Conveyor Belt DRB Steel cord conveyor belts are chiefly used in long production lines that require high tensile strength. The addition of steel cords to a carcass precisely adjusts the take-up stroke with a very low elongation of less than 0.3% under 100% working condition
RP (Rip-Protection Steel Cord Conveyor Belt) DRB Rip-Protection has solved that particular problem in steel cord belts with the strategic addition of special steel cords
Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt Excellent quality and optimal design based on many years of experience accumulated in cement, power generation and ironworks plants
Bucket Elevating Conveyor Belt (Fabric & Steel) Bucket elevating belts are liable to break due to the bolt setting holes, distributed along the entire belt length for fitting the buckets, as they are subjects to various forces including lever action due to the projection of the buckets and the extracting force exercised by the pulley at the time of belt bending
Pipe Conveyor Belt Modern epoch making transport system solving a number of serious problems in training, scattering and spillage of materials and the limited angle of inclination etc., associated with conventional conveyor systems
General / Belt Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt Excelent abrasion resistance and recomended for handling aggregate materials, logs, coal, coal mine refuse, crushedore, phosphate, potash, salt, sand and crushed materials No Available
Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt Excellent heat and impact resistance from heat and abrasive materials can transport materials range up to 400° C No Available
Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt Prevents fire risks in coal mines where not easily accessible and reduces maintenance cost. HSHA, CAN/CSA-M422-M87, MDA-M5010 are approvals we've obtained No Available
Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt Suitable for the oily environments caused by grains, oil treated coal and wood chips No Available
Chevron Type Conveyor Belt Designed to prevent materials being transported on a sloped angle from slipping off the belt
Cut Impact Resistant Conveyor Belt Prevents unexpected snapping and damage excellent under rough operating condition
Rough Top Conveyor Belt Provided with cushiony and anti-slip effects due to its soft rugged surface, is suitable for transporting fragile or deformable materials and packed goods
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